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It’s a pretty blonde named Joan- yet another fetching female that seems to have a hankering for Wilbur- but, in reality, she’s an insurance investigator, part of the company that insured Mc Dougal’s property-and she hopes, by getting in good with the tubby Romeo, she can discover what the boys did with the missing display items.

We’ll talk about this landmark film, its origins , its cast (including Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney Jr), and its flaws (yes, we DO see Dracula’s image reflected in a mirror! Without a doubt- this is a classic program we are always happy to bring back for your viewing pleasure!Meanwhile, we learn that Wilbur’s sultry girlfriend Sandra is not just a pretty face- she is a scheming surgeon , well versed in the works of Dr.Frankenstein,with a laboratory in an island castle!'Surprisingly, the store says that the product has proved particularly popular with younger customers, who have left enthusiastic comments about the ingredient's moisturising properties on the health retailer's website.'Skin feels lovely and fresh, looks more even toned and the smell is very fresh.I must admit when I first came across it I felt a little squeamish, but it’s worth getting over that!

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