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- THE DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS, New York, Rand Mc Nally, 1980, 11" x 25 1/2". A18 Advent calendar, design by Rolf Keller (June 5,1898 in Wurzen - December 31,1970 in Chemnitz, at that time called "Karl-Marx-Stadt"), showing a Christmas tree laden with lebkuchen and a snowy village and Santa in a sleight in the background; doors numbered from 1 thru 24. Doors, numbered from 1 thru 24, said to be arranged in the form of the numbers of a clock. Later, as "Kruger" as far as known only the small arches 21x15 (A5). It was the intention that each day a page was removed and usually they were glued into a book. 203 Adventslaterne, mit 24 Fenstern zum öffnen DM 1.20” 3) Mr. Below right is “GR” and I was told to be the publisher "Groot - Verlag, Hamburg", but calendar A161 is also signed “GR”, and has been published by Crystal Verlag! Made in W.-Germany” and published in 1972, with and without glitter.- LAPIN AND LAPIN, AN ADVENT CALENDAR FROM TASHA TUDOR, Chicago, Rand Mc Nally & Company, 1978, 11" x 25 1/2". In the left hand corner is the message “Trenne nach Weihnachten das Kalender-Rückblatt ab, es zeigt noch etwas Schönes” (after Christmas, if you remove the back page you will see something lovely). Under the doors are designs of toys made in the Erzgebirge area, famous for the production of wooden toys. As it is made in the same way and similar design as calendar A1, I presume it is also of the 1935 period together with calendar no. A26 Advent calendar with angels decorating an advent wreath. Sometimes a special book was issued together with the calendar, but I have never seen one for this advent calendar. 27.5.48” (*) and on the right “Entwurf: Gesellschaft Graphic & Kunst”. Jens Ingvordsen, curator Den Gamle By museum, Denmark: A44 Advent calendar with Hansel and Gretel and the gingerbread house. Advent calendar, designed by Fritz Baumgarten (1883-1966), with a Hansel and Gretel scene with the witch and dwarfs around a “lebkuchen” house. Baumgarten’s signature is below right and in the border, left hand side “Leipziger Adventskalender Nr. A49 Advent calendar with Walt Disney’s Pinocchio and Gepetto as main theme, together with other Disney characters, with glitter highlights. Below, in the left hand corner is printed “© WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS No 22 A. A50 Advent calendar in the form of a house, so-called “Adventshaus”, consisting of 4 panels.Dimensions are of the design including the margins, which I realised later on, is not alltogether wise. Dimensions: the front and back panels are 20,2cm wide and the two side panels are 16,6cm wide; all are 25cm high; when a light is placed inside, the round panels light up. It is called "Christkindleins Haus" ( "Christchild house" or "Christmas house"). 955 designed by Dora Baum (1881-1949), shown in the book “Weihnachtszeit” Bayerisches Nationalmuseum in München, page 27, photo no. In the book "Adventskalender - von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart" by Esther Gajek, pg. A10 Stand-up 4-panel advent calendar or advent house; each panel 15,5 x 21,5 high. Starting Advent 1, one of the windows in the row is opened.Advent calendar, Santa with children and animals near a village. The book “Weihnachtszeit”, Bayerisches Nationalmuseum München, page 31. A similar design is shown in the book “Weihnachtszeit” from the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum in München, page 28, photo n°9, A10 in this collection. The children should learn by heart the then appearing bible text on transparant paper.In this period Christians prepare for Christmas and the birth of Jesus.The liturgical year always begins on the Sunday that falls between November 27 and December 3, and ends on December 24.The ritual of the advent calendar was not practiced in our family when I was young in the 1940s.

Another was to light a candle every day, either on an Advent wreath or a chandelier.

Another relates the “Advent tree”, originating around the mid-19th century; at the start of the Advent period a conifer would be placed in the home and every day a prophecy of the Old Testament would be recited before putting a candle, together with a paper star on which the recited text was written. It bears the signature of Fritz Baumgarten (1883-1966) and the number “381” in the margin below right. This calendar is without glitter, but I have seen some glittered.

Around 1880 printed prophecies became available (model in the form of vine leaves has been found). A9 Stand-up 5-panel advent calendar in the form of a nativity scene.

During Advent, for each Sunday a large candle was lit, and for every other day a small one.

Children could see how many more days till Christmas. Advent calendar, dwarfs, angels and Christmas tree decorated with lebkuchen, called “Spielzeugbahn” (toy train); doors numbered 1 thru 24.

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A3 Advent calendar, children and angels in a snowy village, doors 1 thru 24; no indication of country or printer, but in the right hand bottom corner is printed "Import - 30069". Signed below right: Ri Pretzsch; printed below left: “Arthur Beyerlein Kunstverlag Leipzig C1” and right “M302/Z 1718”A12 Advent calendar, 9-panel stand-up in the form of a nativity scene. A30 Advent calendar with Hansel and Gretel in front of the gingerbread house in the center and on top Frau Holle, below dwarfs playing with toys. Below left is a signature RAA, referring to the children books illustrator Charlotte Baron-Raabe. Below right is what could be signature “HF” and in the margin “4128 100000 PI27 350”; On the back is a handwritten message in German which unfortunately I cannot decipher, but with the date “Wurzen – 1950”. Advent calendar of snow babies in a tree with lots of mushrooms beneath it. Graphics by illustrator Hannes Petersen, signature at the left. Born in Berlin on July 21, 1885 as Johanna Helene Charlotte Schröder, and died on January 20, 1960, also in Berlin.

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