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Students are experimenting with new and “fun” things to try and achieve the “best” high.The danger comes into play when these students are unaware of the potential consequences.Due to the fact that the two substances have the same affect on the body, they end up magnifying the feeling of intoxication to hazardous levels.“If you mix alcohol with Xanax you’re really playing with fire,” Broaddus said.“I have no idea [what it was like],” senior Laura Smith* said.“It totally blanks out your memory, so I can’t recall a thing.The addiction is not only hard on the body, but also hard on any relationship.“Having a close family member on Xanax is like trying to talk to someone who is on autopilot all of the time,” senior Charlotte Potter* said. They don’t remember important conversations, and you start to miss them.

The idea of addiction, withdrawal or even overdose never crossed her mind.Once it’s reached a more intense level, the user begins to feel dizzy and usually common activities, like buttoning a shirt and saying their own name, become difficult tasks. “Maybe the most important thing of all is, if you take it every day for a couple of months, you become physically dependent on it and you have withdrawal if you suddenly stop it,” Broaddus said.“And if you’ve built up a significant dependence on it and you suddenly stop, you can go into a potentially fatal seizure.It’s like they are dead, but somehow still moving while on the drug. Not to mention having to worry about whether or not they will wake up the next morning.” Witnessing this experience of addiction not only made up her mind about the drug, but it also allowed her a chance to reevaluate the way she was living her life.“After seeing the awful effect it had on [my brother], I did a complete 180,” Charlotte said.

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