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Sign up using the form and we'll send you an email once you've been verified.DEAR MISS MANNERS: I am a male member of a popular dating website.But worse, it’s a sign you’ve got lots (and lots) of ex baggage.

They emphasize their most favorable physical characteristics and personality traits.

Now, we're not saying you shouldn't talk to a knockout; but men tend to send a lot of messages to female users and not get many responses in return, the researchers found.

Be more selective and less so at the same time: Reach out to women who may not at first seem like your "type" as well as those who do.

Again, stick to naming the positive qualities you seek. “Women know that intimacy’s part of the package if the relationship moves forward,” says Spira.

Include that, and the ladies may think that’s all you care about. A study from Ok Cupid found the bright light from flashes add seven years to your face, drawing eyes to the very wrinkles and blemishes you’re hoping no one will notice.

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But, potential mates are probably judging you and perceiving your bio as overly parading your looks and accomplishments, according to research from Taylor & Francis.

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