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JC said enjoyed the performance, but didn't know what a side plank was.

For this challenge, the girls have to levitate an object.

Franz Harary, a master magician who helped numerous music artist, helped the girls with their challenge by giving them a magic ball that floats in midair.

They performed to "Independent" by Webbie featuring Lil' Boosie and received positive reviews by the judges.JC loved the fact that Maryss was able to perform this piece by expressing her feelings of her brother.Lil Mama loved Maryss's ticking section and loved the Beat Freaks for being themselves and not trying to overexpose themselves for attention.The group consists of Alison "Al*Star" Faulk, Teresa Espinosa, Lindsey B "Outthere", Lady Jules, Keeley "Lock N' Key", Rino Nakasone, Maryss from Paris, and BGirl Shorty.They have all achieved individual success, but have come together to form one all female, all styles dream team.

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