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You probably hate that idea - none of us want to drag up the things from our past that have hurt us, but if you want to have healthy relationships you need to deal with your past first. There are a lot of reasons, but they are double for single moms. Even if you find yourself struggling with the loneliness of being newly single, or how desperate you might feel to find new love, you still have your kids to think about.They should be your primary concern, when it comes to choosing a person who might be sharing your life with you.In fact, it is not uncommon to meet young widows, because Russian men tend to drink themselves to an early grave.

It's the last thing you ever expect to happen, but once the process is set in motion there is very little you can do to stop it.That means depending on how you and the lady handle it meeting a single mom on A Foreign Affair, Elena’s Models, or another of the sites we review here on International Love Scout can either be the most beautiful thing to ever happen to you or an emotional and financial train wreck with potential national security implications.Even your dumbest college roommate knows that single moms are SERIOUS.Your next partner will most likely not want to deal with the baggage, so your relationship will be cut short.The only real way to get rid of that emotional baggage from your last relationship is to speak to a good counselor or psychotherapist.

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