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I had a feeling, she has had, enough teasing, As we were enjoying each others tongues, I picked her up and carried her to the edge of the creek by a large pecan tree, where the ground was covered by a large natural blanket of thick soft green moss.

I am not sure how long we were thrusting towards the perfect orgasm, I suddenly felt her muscles tighten as she arch her back and scream out I felt her wet pussy tightened around my cock as she came.The campsite is also the place where everybody wants to live in complete freedom and forget the obligations of everyday-life.Ten lifesize dolls of Lolo Ferrari were made in five different colors and were put at the entrances of theatres.She wasted no time as I laid her on her back, she grabbed me with her legs wrapping them around my waist, and pulled me in close, as she guided my throbbing cock inside of her, I felt the dripping slippery hot moistness of her wanting pussy.With her hands she reached back and grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled me deep into her. Slowly she began to move her legs behind her shoulders, giving me clear unobstructed access to her sweet spot.

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All this excitement was more than I could handle, as I gave into this pounding with all I had in me until I exploded, my mind seemed to have drifted into another euphoric dimension, I had left the reality of the moment, that is until I felt her nails diggings into my buttocks as she grabbed a hold and shuddered with her final thrusts of trying to prolong her orgasmic release.

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